Les Ailes du Larzac


Raptors shows

Discover the magical world of raptors in a natural environment

These representations of free flight are moments between the falconer, raptors and the public : a moment full of emotion that one is not ready to forget.



An effective solution against nuisance birds

Scaring birds by falconry is a way of relocating pest birds with raptors. It is an effective, ecological solution to your problems is quick to set up .


Movie Scenes

Appearances of the raptors in the world of the 7th art

The team worked with the Wildlife film specialist Laurent Charbonnier , as well as with Sylvère Small. Momo and Blanche are regularly called to be filmed.

What is falconry ?

The modern use of falconry has today all kinds of applications:
from demonstrations to scaring birds, through the shows, the education of the pupils, the rehabilitation of injured birds (saving center) and wildlife management.

Since the dawn of time, Humans has developed close ties with birds of prey. If this relationship has changed a lot, it is still as intense today. The falconers embody a good example and make you share their passion through hands-on demonstrations of falconry, which will make you vibrate with emotion.

Certificate of Capacity authorization prefecture of Hérault for opening an institution holding animals of species not domesticated for the exercise of the hawking and scaring No. 08-XV-55

Accreditation transport raptors Prefecture Herault N° 34177

Capacity certificate for public display of animals a species of non-domestic within institutions roaming. Authorization prefecture of Herault of the opening presentation public itinerant birds of prey.