La Dame Blanche

Avec les éléves de l'école de Rivolet

La Dame Blanche est un court-métrage réalisé avec Sylvère Petit des “Arts Buissonniers” par la classe de CE2-CM1-CM2 de l’école de Rivolet lors de la classe découverte du 1 to the 5 avril 2019 au Malzieu (48). La star est notre petite Blanche !

Réal : Sylvère Petit et les élèves de l’école de Rivolet
Year : 2019

Cinéma ANIMA

Momo and Philippe in action

So here are the links to see the 4 FILM ANIMA movies 3, with our MOMO. 4 movies that don't make one because they connect the principle of one “cadrage exquis” inspired by the” exquisite corpses” invented by the surrealists.

Year : 2016

Tyto Alba

Blanche is a star

She was filmed as part of The "Espace Jeunes" from St Chely d'Apcher with a group from 13 to 20 years…
A shoot with technical problems, tears, giggles and joys… as in a professional shooting !

Réal : Julie REVERSAT – Quentin TEISSEDRE
Year : 2015

Les Assoiffés

Momo make his show

Farid and his dog Zaïm across the world and the wastelands. Lazarus the crow and his master Duplessy reign on a golf course thirsty the surrounding scrubland.

Réal : Sylvère PETIT
Year : 2013

Les Ventileuses

The nature and larzac honored

There are some languages in which the word “animal” does not exist … and, by the same, difference human/animal does not find any sense. “Les Ventileuses” a film about one of these languages.

Réal : Sylvère PETIT
Year : 2009

La clef des champs

The magic of Disney

An abandoned mare. Two children solitary fall under the spell of this wild place that brings them together little by little one of the other and helps to tame life. Through their eyes, their imagination, the pond becomes a secret kingdom both wonderful and disturbing, thronging with creatures born from dreams or nightmares. An initiatory experience, brief and intense, from whose they emerge transformed.

Réal : Claude Nuridsany et Marie Pérennou
Year : 2009